This is Me.  

(aka Hillary Shearing)

Wow. Trying to muster up a story about yourself that you think people will want to read – totally awkward. Don’t be boring, not too much about meal plans and simple carbs.  *Sigh*

Do they want to hear about that entire year I ate hamburger helper in university? Probably not. Should I be writing in the third person? Dunno – What if I talk too much about my love for chips? Should be ok – everyone loves chips. 

I love food. I’ve always loved food.  And my mother has always taught me, that packaged food from the store can be made healthier at home. Those embedded health tips from my Profile2 BWmom, wandered with me through eight years of Pipeline Employment (from labourer to heavy equipment operator), four years in middle Management for Oilfield Construction and four years of marriage to a remarkable man – who has supported me as a mother, and through all of my dreams to become an RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consultant) and Cook Book Author. How lucky am I….

In the last eight years I have realized the natural ability that I have for creating healthier versions of all those guilty foods, and my talent of structuring meal plans. The solid evidence was losing my 60 lbs of baby weight, 16 weeks after starting my own meal plans and without exerting myself like a third world donkey.

OK, I do exercise – probably more than most – but it doesn’t run my life, nor does my food. And most importantly, neither should YOURS. I eat like most, just healthier versions, (with ingredients that don’t make me feel like I have to travel to Japan to get them). Simple, clean and finger licking good.

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