Be a Client

Be a Client

HEY!!  A bit about working with me:

Welcome to the price zone.  Don’t poop your pants – consider the changes you will be making in your life with these services.  I pride my business on being a very personal, one on one service – much different from the other computer made programs out there. My meal plans are 100% created by my own personal recipes and custom to you exactly.  We will talk, , laugh, get to know each other and design something that you will use for life.  This is about figuring out how to change your habits, and discovering clean foods you will enjoy.  This isn’t short term – this is a relationship you and I will build together, introducing all sorts of new habits.  I don’t believe there is a price on health, but sadly – there is for me!





The (5%) GST will be added to all pricing. 

Other Options

$100 – Basic Consultation (Meeting to discuss your situation in full depth)
$125 – Basic Consultation with 5 Day Food Journal Analysis
$140 – 7 Day Meal Plan (Includes Recipe Index + Grocery List – 100% fully Custom to you and your preference)
$65 – Add On – Fridge and Pantry Over Haul (Done Online & In Person) – I will dissect your food storage and make all recommendations for you!
$35 – Add On Spousal Portioning (Adding proper portion sizes for your significant other as well)

Why This Works

The base of my business is for a 100% dedication to a Health Plan – with a long term intention of changing eating habits for good. I make it an absolute goal for me to be as supportive as I can: by helping my clients to enjoy healthy eating – through my recipes, motivation and personal support. I love teaching about cooking, health and life style changes – so I am flexible. I have a wide range of clients who come with many different circumstances – if you need something a little different, it’s not a problem.  The meal plans are built for 1 person properly portioned, with dinner recipes for an entire family (or used for leftovers if not applicable) and the above option for a spousal portioning add on. 

* Ask me about my Online Group Challenges that run every 4 months *

I personally follow my meal plans between raising a baby, studying and working from home on a daily basis – as it is my job to develop new and healthy ideas. I have a 100% success rate with weight and inch loss and over-all awesome feelings of health (with my clients who follow my plans diligently with small doses of exercise).

Check out a few of my recipe posts, get a feel for my personality and see if we suit each other.  If you want to learn how to better your health situation, love sarcasm and laughing – then we are a match. 

Looking forward to it !!