Clean Your Guts!
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Clean Your Guts

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Clean Your Guts is exactly what the title says.  It is designed to ease you into clean eating, and hit you with a mild detox – 10 days of 2 smoothies a day, a main meal and snacks.  My detoxes aren’t loaded pills or shake powders – they are just easily digested smoothies that are composed of whole foods.  The detox days simply leave out anything processed and have you consuming pure wholesome goodness.  There is a full “tapering off” guide within the Ebook, that will teach you how to ease your body back into more digestible foods – and leaving you feel AMAZING.  I suggest following this program after you have tried one of my others – as they will get you geared up for your detox. 

20 day guide to clean eating and detoxing

7 day meal plan (All recipes + Grocery List)

10 day smoothie detox manual

3 day tapering off guide

addition to private Facebook group

Full Support from a Certified Nutritionist

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