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Cut The Crap

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The most recent ebook written/released by My Awesome Foods.  Comes with a brand new, modern, eye catching design that’s super easy to read.  Consistent with the theme of yummy recipes – Cut The Crap is geared for a blend of late summer/fall eating (but could easily fit any season.  It includes salads, smoothies, root veggies, marinades etc.  95% Gluten/Dairy Free – with everything capable to be substituted.  
If you’re looking for an eating change – this is it!

  A Fully Structured 14 day Eating Plan (with maximum portions)

  Breakfast, lunch and snacks for 1/2 and dinner for 4-6

  All Recipes + Grocery List

  Addition to the Private Facebook Group (Each Ebook has it’s own)

  Free Nutrition Advice From A Certified Holistic Nutritionist