Salads & Dressings

Thai Basil Rice Salad


Move It Salad – Thai Rice is in the House !!!! Oh man → Enter Big Back Pats Here ← Oh yes – yes I did.  I did in such a way that I even shocked myself.  Rice is something that we ALWAYS have in our fridge.  It’s […]

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Food Combining At It’s Finest


This is by far my favourite salad. It’s included in my mild detox week, it’s in a lot of my clients’ meal plans and I eat this at least 3 times a month or more. There is no words for me to describe how much I flippin love this Energy […]

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Veggie Geek Makes a Greek


MAF Greek Salad If you are a veg fanatic like me, you will go definitely be doing the Num Num dance for this MAF creation. I have a love for chickpeas, and a love for greek salad – but an epic hate for store bought dressings. Hydrogenated […]

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What !!!? That’s right – Brussels in a Salad.


Brussels Sprout Salad I’m not even entirely sure what made me think to manipulate these things into a salad. But i did…….and it is awesome!  I won’t bore you with the nerd world of nutrients these guys are loaded with (like Vitamin K, C and Iron) – but i […]

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