Sweets & Snacks

Cheezie Dill Nuts and Boltz


Cheezie Dill Nutz and Boltz Isn’t it crazy how Christmas can throw us into an absurdly mad rush – to fill our freezers with tid bits to gobble?  It’s this socially acceptable, month long celebration of eating.  Never mind the presents – Christmas is clearly all about […]

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Water Infusing With Fruition


Orange Lemon and Ginger Infused Water   Wow. Just when I truly thought drinking water was amazing enough – through the gates came the Fruition water infusing bottles. Ka-Boom! The ability to add fruits, veggies, and herbs to my drink without finding green stuff in my teeth […]

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The Ultimate Appy


Epic Bruschetta All hail the mighty Tomato Bruschetta!! Onion, fresh tomato’s, garlic and fresh basil……erm…YUM! I am a forever lover of this appy, for the simple fact that I can throw it on my salad the next day (if there is any left). I despised tomato’s for […]

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Clean Cookies – Yeah I did !!

DSC_0068 2

Loaded Quinoa Cookies Who doesn’t love a friggen cookie?  Anyone who says they don’t is a mysterious creature from another land.  I love these ones especially because of the ingredients. I have never claimed to be a baker, so it usually takes me a month or two to […]

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I love Balls!

Energy Oat Balls

Energy Oat Balls Pick up the kids, get to class, get to work, get to the gym, errands to run, grocery shopping – we have all at one time left the house and forgotten to eat (especially before the dreaded grocery shop). Whoever says they haven’t is […]

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Salt, Crunch, Smokey, BOOM!


Smokey Roasted Beet/Sweet Potato Chips I can’t even explain how pumped I am – to have mastered a few homemade chips recipes. Crunchy snacks are by far my absolute favourite thing to munch on. I consider myself a professional potato chip tester and am still patiently awaiting […]

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