Thai Basil Rice Salad


Move It Salad – Thai Rice is in the House !!!! Oh man → Enter Big Back Pats Here ← Oh yes – yes I did.  I did in such a way that I even shocked myself.  Rice is something that we ALWAYS have in our fridge.  It’s […]

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Cheezie Dill Nuts and Boltz


Cheezie Dill Nutz and Boltz Isn’t it crazy how Christmas can throw us into an absurdly mad rush – to fill our freezers with tid bits to gobble?  It’s this socially acceptable, month long celebration of eating.  Never mind the presents – Christmas is clearly all about […]

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The Only Way To Cook Quinoa


Quinoa! I’ve had tons of messages regarding how to cook it, why it tastes like dirt, why it’s slimy, and why it’s so great. Here are 10 great facts about Quinoa followed by a recipe for the Perfect Quinoa. One of the biggest issues people have with […]

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Salt, Crunch, Smokey, BOOM!


Smokey Roasted Beet/Sweet Potato Chips I can’t even explain how pumped I am – to have mastered a few homemade chips recipes. Crunchy snacks are by far my absolute favourite thing to munch on. I consider myself a professional potato chip tester and am still patiently awaiting […]

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If it Looks like a Noodle…….


Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti squash – the noodle impostor, starchy winter vegetable that we all love or love to hate. One half of a spaghetti squash is equal to roughly 80 calories (ish), low fat, low sodium – considerably LOW EVERYTHING, except nutrient density, vitamins and minerals.  […]

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Slice, Oil, Spice, Done.


BBQ’d Zucchini Slices Ah man, who doesn’t love BBQ season – Less dishes, fresh air etc. The best part for me, when it comes to warm season and the grill – is that the possibilities are endless. Gone are the cave-man days of just meat and potato’s […]

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Mini Cabbage Land


Balsamic Brussels Beware….the dreaded,  gas causing mini cabbages that reek havoc on all small children.  Not anymore.  Who would have thought that bathing them in a modest amount of vinegar and olive oil, would alter our view on these bland little f#@kers?  Well it works.  Tried, tested […]

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What !!!? That’s right – Brussels in a Salad.


Brussels Sprout Salad I’m not even entirely sure what made me think to manipulate these things into a salad. But i did…….and it is awesome!  I won’t bore you with the nerd world of nutrients these guys are loaded with (like Vitamin K, C and Iron) – but i […]

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