Water Infusing With Fruition


Orange Lemon and Ginger Infused Water   Wow. Just when I truly thought drinking water was amazing enough – through the gates came the Fruition water infusing bottles. Ka-Boom! The ability to add fruits, veggies, and herbs to my drink without finding green stuff in my teeth […]

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What Your Body Really Needs In the Am


Rocket Fuel # 1 Rocket Fuel!!!  This is what I feel like I have ingested when I suck back a nutrient dense smoothie first thing in the morning. My regular followers and clients know my obsession for blending. Don’t even get me started on my weird love […]

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Discovering Smoothie Bowls


Morning Glory Bowl Good Morning beautiful!! What’s better than a smoothie bowl? Only one this gorgeous – I honestly believe that the more thought you put into preparing your food, making it look beautiful – the more you will appreciate eating it. This little Morning Glory bowl […]

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Conquer the Picky Eaters!

DSC_0015 copy

Everything Frittata Frittata – what a name. I don’t even like it. Should be called – “I have company and I’m too lazy to fry bacon and do something that requires effort”. In any case – the name doesn’t really matter as long as your guests or […]

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