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  Vasayo Review…….. Vasayo Product Review – Yes It’s An MLM – But A Damn Good One !! This is an honest to good – Vasayo Product Review. An MLM Company?  Are you F#@king kidding me?  That was me for literally my entire life.  I can still hear […]

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*Clean Eating Programs*


Clean Eating Programs – these things are EVERYWHERE! I get that. 100%. But 95% of them are generic, computer made and definitely not personal. I am fully determined to keep mine the exact opposite. I’ve lost count on the hours I spend recipe developing, writing the meal […]

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The Only Way To Cook Quinoa


Quinoa! I’ve had tons of messages regarding how to cook it, why it tastes like dirt, why it’s slimy, and why it’s so great. Here are 10 great facts about Quinoa followed by a recipe for the Perfect Quinoa. One of the biggest issues people have with […]

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