Thai Basil Rice Salad


Move It Salad – Thai Rice is in the House !!!! Oh man → Enter Big Back Pats Here ← Oh yes – yes I did.  I did in such a way that I even shocked myself.  Rice is something that we ALWAYS have in our fridge.  It’s […]

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See Ya Later Bun!


Veggie Overload Lettuce Wraps~ Whoever decided we should wrap cooked ingredients into leaves of lettuce, is a genius in my mind (I wish it was me). The art of lettuce wraps almost falls into the same category as the invention of the Spiralizer (if you don’t know […]

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Meatless # Omnoms!


Quinoa Black Bean and Yam Burgers The absolute last thing i’m going to do – is claim that these were easy to create. With 2 epic fails and 1 “not good enough”, I finally went head to head with the mighty Quinoa Burger. Taste was never the […]

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Noodles but Not

DSC_0122 2

Um – So this happened. Yes sir, it did. I often troll my news feed or Pinterest for inspiration on new styles of dishes to create. I’m embarrassed to say I had never even thought to use spaghetti squash as a chow mein noodle. Which means some […]

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Catch me with my Feet Up Casserole


Wild Rice and Chicken Casserole One dish meals…..Um – Yes Please. Every other on the go family out there agrees with me and I know it. Nothing beats throwing a bunch of ingredients into one dish and leaving it be until the timer goes off.  Less stress, […]

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One Dish = Less Dishes


Greek Spaghetti Squash Bake Yet again – my love affair with spaghetti squash has emerged from my brain and spiralled itself with the flaves of Greece. Ermagawd. I know how much I have rambled about the epic-ness of this amazing winter squash – but I just can’t believe […]

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Conquer the Picky Eaters!

DSC_0015 copy

Everything Frittata Frittata – what a name. I don’t even like it. Should be called – “I have company and I’m too lazy to fry bacon and do something that requires effort”. In any case – the name doesn’t really matter as long as your guests or […]

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Talking, Walking, Fist Pumping Epic-ness


Blackened Fish Tacos with Creamy Dijon Slaw (and Mango Pico de Gallo) Who doesn’t love fish tacos? If you don’t, you need remedy yourself, open your mind and try these.  They are beyond amazing. Super simple ingredients. Nothing crazy. Nothing that requires you to travel to China anyways. […]

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Simple, Simple, Simple


Dijon Chicken Breast Marinating is the best idea ever.  Seriously.  Whisk up 3-6 ingredients, pour it over your future dinner and pop it in the oven.   There are endless tricks out there to get your taste buds wrapped around – instead of plain old crusty boring chicken.   […]

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