Cheezie Dill Nuts and Boltz


Cheezie Dill Nutz and Boltz Isn’t it crazy how Christmas can throw us into an absurdly mad rush – to fill our freezers with tid bits to gobble?  It’s this socially acceptable, month long celebration of eating.  Never mind the presents – Christmas is clearly all about […]

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See Ya Later Bun!


Veggie Overload Lettuce Wraps~ Whoever decided we should wrap cooked ingredients into leaves of lettuce, is a genius in my mind (I wish it was me). The art of lettuce wraps almost falls into the same category as the invention of the Spiralizer (if you don’t know […]

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Meatless # Omnoms!


Quinoa Black Bean and Yam Burgers The absolute last thing i’m going to do – is claim that these were easy to create. With 2 epic fails and 1 “not good enough”, I finally went head to head with the mighty Quinoa Burger. Taste was never the […]

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Noodles but Not

DSC_0122 2

Um – So this happened. Yes sir, it did. I often troll my news feed or Pinterest for inspiration on new styles of dishes to create. I’m embarrassed to say I had never even thought to use spaghetti squash as a chow mein noodle. Which means some […]

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The Ultimate Appy


Epic Bruschetta All hail the mighty Tomato Bruschetta!! Onion, fresh tomato’s, garlic and fresh basil……erm…YUM! I am a forever lover of this appy, for the simple fact that I can throw it on my salad the next day (if there is any left). I despised tomato’s for […]

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Conquer the Picky Eaters!

DSC_0015 copy

Everything Frittata Frittata – what a name. I don’t even like it. Should be called – “I have company and I’m too lazy to fry bacon and do something that requires effort”. In any case – the name doesn’t really matter as long as your guests or […]

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If it Looks like a Noodle…….


Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti squash – the noodle impostor, starchy winter vegetable that we all love or love to hate. One half of a spaghetti squash is equal to roughly 80 calories (ish), low fat, low sodium – considerably LOW EVERYTHING, except nutrient density, vitamins and minerals.  […]

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Slice, Oil, Spice, Done.


BBQ’d Zucchini Slices Ah man, who doesn’t love BBQ season – Less dishes, fresh air etc. The best part for me, when it comes to warm season and the grill – is that the possibilities are endless. Gone are the cave-man days of just meat and potato’s […]

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Mini Cabbage Land


Balsamic Brussels Beware….the dreaded,  gas causing mini cabbages that reek havoc on all small children.  Not anymore.  Who would have thought that bathing them in a modest amount of vinegar and olive oil, would alter our view on these bland little f#@kers?  Well it works.  Tried, tested […]

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Food Combining At It’s Finest


This is by far my favourite salad. It’s included in my mild detox week, it’s in a lot of my clients’ meal plans and I eat this at least 3 times a month or more. There is no words for me to describe how much I flippin love this Energy […]

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