Why This Old Skeptic Is Backing It - Why You Should Have a Look

Vasayo Review……..
Vasayo Product Review – Yes It’s An MLM – But A Damn Good One !!

This is an honest to good – Vasayo Product Review. An MLM Company?  Are you F#@king kidding me?  That was me for literally my entire life.  I can still hear the stories ringing in my head from my family. Amway Scam, Pyramid Scheme etc – my mom has stories of never being able to go to peoples houses for coffee in the 90’s because they were all trying to “Lure” them in to the latest Ponzy Scheme.   Then there’s my own experiences.  My biggest pet peeve on Social Media Today – Unsolicited Private messages (Super invasive ones at that), followed by repetitive posts on personal Facebook – day after day, after day.  MLM’s are everywhere.  I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve been approached since starting My Awesome Foods – and how many I’ve turned down.  Until Now.  Finally – a company came along that has created a supplement line that I can actually endorse.  Vasayo.  

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These guys are the real deal.  5 Products.  That’s It.  All using Liposome Delivery (click this and watch to avoid that “HUH?” feeling).  This advancement in technology for the Supplement world – is explosive.  It’s something that has been needed beyond belief.   Did you know that the average absorption rate of Multi Vitamins is 5-10%?  Yes that’s right – even your Whole Foods, Organic, non Fat, Kosher, harvested by un harmed workers, Namaste over priced Health Food Store Products – yes those too.   Just because you walk through the door of one of those places – it doesn’t make their products any better.  Do your research.  Not only does the average brand (and I mean roughly 95% of them or more) have terrible absorption (meaning your body destroys or excretes most or all of it), but they also need to cram those bastard horse pills full of binders and fillers to help them get some absorption.  Soy Letchin, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Fructose – the list is endless.  When is the last time you read your Non Medical Ingredients on your Multi?  Bleh! I could go on and on forever – but I won’t. I hate long boring blog posts.  However – I needed to get my point across as to why I would even consider backing a supplement line.  Why? Because everybody always asks me what I take, what should they take and what was the best – and I never had the answer.  Until I was further educated and began doing my research on ingredients and absorption.        

Introducing The Core Essential By Vasayo:


This is the most Bad Ass Multi I have ever laid eyes on.  There isn’t ONE – not ONE – Unnecessary ingredient (⇐ Found here) in this product.  Even the capsule is glorious and made from veggies and water.  You are literally getting just Vitamins & Minerals – who would have thought this was possible.  Not only that, each little nutrient is wrapped in a perfect little Fat Bubble (called a Liposome) which ensures it’s safe delivery through your gastric juices, stressors, free radicals and other known predators that destroy their existance – and right to the source with 80-90% absorption.  Even the bloody Liposome itself is created from non heat treated, Non GMO Sunflower oil and is absorbed as a quality Omega 6.  Yup you heard me.  This stuff is unbeatable.  Anything else that anyone tells you – is a lie.  You cannot beat these guys.  

My second favourite Brain Child developed by Vasayo.  The Sleep MicroMyst.  Jayzuz!  Where have you been?  The number one thing that everybody takes for granted more than food?  Sleep.  The single most important time for our bodies to Recharge, and repair all the terrible shit we have done to it on a daily basis – and we treat it like that old math homework.  We go to bed glued to our phones, or stay up watching Netflix – all of which are almost always too late – leaving us with not enough time to regenerate and refresh ourselves.  Over time – we become those walking zombies – who have lost our ability to have those “deep” sleeps our brains need to simply get us through tomorrow.  This sleep aid has been helping 1000’s already.  People are losing it over this stuff because it actually works.  No it isn’t Melatonin.  It’s a blend.  It’s designed to actually help calm your early onset Adult ADHD at night, and retrain you to slip into that coma you love so much. Yes, normal sleep.  sleep-box-bottle-round



We also carry (click the links to read more on them)

Renew (an army of anti inflammatory and antioxidants like Curcumin, Resveratrol, etc) designed to crush your aches, pains and inflammation (I give this stuff to my 10 y/o dog – don’t laugh – he’s probably happier and more limber than you are).  

Neuro – a mega high end capsule full of brain fuel. It’s designed to provide you with copious amounts of mental clarity and basically the ability to not be a walking mouth breather (yes – I just said that)

Energy – a seriously natural and subtle way to give yourself a little boost.  Low doses of Gurana and Green Tea Extract bound with other goodies to get you through your day – without crushing that afternoon coffee (which always makes you feel like crap).  Don’t expect to notice it though – the little bastard just creeps in there and you carry on about your day not even realizing you are functioning like a human.  Amazing what normal energy will do for you.  

All 5 products are delivered using the Liposome Delivery.  All 5 products are Non GMO, binder, filler, Common Allergen (Top 8 aka gluten, egg, dairy, all fish, all nuts, soy etc) Free, our facility is owned by us so no chance of contamination, our containers are BPA free, we use no intense chemical or heat extraction practices, we don’t promote quick fixes like weight loss, or meal replacement bars and we have no BS sugars or try and hide our ingredients from you…..They are found on the website.  

The bottom line is this.  I’m using the products and so are 1000’s of people already (in 5 short weeks).  I’m seeing results for the first time in my life.  The Core took 4 days, before I noticed that I wasn’t snacking (and I’m 33 weeks pregnant), I was happier and just had more energy in general. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ABSORBING IN MY BODY.  Amazing what will happen, and what you will notice when you take something that is legit.  Not only that it’s ONE A DAY.  No you don’t need 2 capsules.  When it is formulated properly.  Again. Liposomes Baby.  Get with the times.  Don’t make it complicated.  Our soils are depleted.  So unless you are growing your own fruits and veggies in supplemented, organic soil year round and slaughtering all your own local meat – you need a Multivitamin Princess.  No doubt.  Last time I checked the majority of produce travels a minimum of 8 hrs via truck after it’s been picked unripe and sprayed while piles of nasty crap.   Choice is yours – but here is my VASAYO website if you want to know more.  Email me any time and i’d be happy to elaborate on anything you need to know. 

You know I love you all  and would never lead you a stray.  This is an impressive advancement in the industry (something we’ve been waiting a long time for) and most definitely an incredible opportunity for a business.