*Clean Eating Programs*

Clean Eating Programs – these things are EVERYWHERE! I get that. 100%. But 95% of them are generic, computer made and definitely not personal. I am fully determined to keep mine the exact opposite. I’ve lost count on the hours I spend recipe developing, writing the meal plan, editing, personally leading the private facebook groups and following along during the entire program with everyone. That is what it’s all about. I LOVE IT! When I host these Online Clean Eating Programs – not only do I get to challenge the ever living shit out of everyone – but I also get a jilt of motivation myself. This is what has me standing out from the public pool of Nutritionists out there. I do this with everyone. It makes it super personal and lets you in on my home life a little more.

I develop each and every single recipe on here myself. It happens right here in my kitchen, with loads of fails that come with it. When I get something perfect – I jot it down and it goes straight into my brainstorm for this website, and for the next group challenge.

Health Is Wealth

Clean Eating can be scary, boring, dry, tasteless and a rip off. My job is to make sure that every person who comes my way enjoys it, loves my food and walks away with at least 4 new healthy habits. It’s like having someone for dinner every night – this is actually a little nerve wracking for me.

What you get for $45 from me is: Well #1, exactly what the poster says. A 22 page e-book program, made by me and my fingers, sent to you to follow. It’s an entire Meal Plan, all my recipes, grocery list and some seriously witty/ballsy humour injected right into it as well. We all start on the same day, together in the private facebook group – and support each other. All you have to do is go grocery shopping and chop some vegetables. Simple pimple.

This will teach you how to cook (if you don’t know how), how to cook clean, new recipes, new tricks, new ideas, new flavours (trust me, this stuff doesn’t taste like saw dust) and how to properly deal with me – and definitely lose some lbs if that is what your goal is. I am a straight shooter, to the point, and won’t bother trying to sound important by using big words.

So If you are interested in getting off the couch and trying this Group Challenge – Shoot me a Private Message or Fill out my Contact Form here.

It’s 12 days – COME ON-ahhhhhh!